fbHow to connect Gate.io exchange to J'JO?

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    How to connect Gate.io exchange to J'JO?

    Note: Each exchange has its own security settings for copying API keys, such as 2FA authentication. We do not include those screens as they are standard and their availability depends on the individual settings of your exchange account.

    To create API keys, follow these instructions:

    Step 1

    Log into your account on the Gate.io exchange website.

    Click on the Profile button, which looks like a person icon in the top right corner.

    Click on "API Management".

    On the opened page, click on the "Create API Key" button.

    You will be redirected to a new page where you need to configure the API key.

    In the "API Key Remark" field, enter a name for the API key, for example, "JJO".

    In the "IP Permissions" field, paste the J'JO IP addresses separated by commas:


    Choose "API v4 key" as the API key type, then select "Account Type" - Trading Account.

    Provide permissions for the API key, as shown in the screenshot below, and then click the "Submit" button.

    When creating API keys, make sure that you check only the required items.

    Note: One of the conditions for creating API keys is to provide IP addresses. Make sure you fill in the IP address line. 

    Step 2

    Now that the keys have been created, you need to copy the "API Key" and "Secret Key" to enter them in J'JO.

    Important: You will not be able to see your Secret Key again if you exit this page or refresh it. Please copy and save it in a secure place.

    Step 3

    Copy the "API Key" and "Secret Key" from the exchange and paste them into the corresponding fields in your J'JO account.

    After copying the keys to the correct fields, click the "Connect" button.

    Congratulations! You have successfully connected your API keys to J'JO. Now you can invest in J'JO system indexes or create your own cryptocurrency index or portfolio.

    Step 4

    To successfully invest in the cryptocurrency market with J'JO, your assets must be hold in one of three coins of your choice: USDT, ETH or BTC, and must be in the "Spot" section of your Gate exchange wallet.

    If after funding your exchange wallet or buying cryptocurrency your assets are in another section of your wallet, for example, in the "Payment" or "Futures" section, follow the steps below to transfer them to the "Spot" section:

    1. Go to the "Funds Management" section of your wallet. To do this, hover over the "Wallet" button located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the "Manage Funds" option. Then go to the "Funds Overview" section.
    2. In the window that opens, review all sections of the wallet. If you find assets in any section other than "Spot", go to that section by clicking on it.
    3. Select the coin you want to transfer, for example USDT, and click on the "Transfer" button opposite the coin.
    4. In the window that opens, specify the wallet section from which you want to transfer the coin (e.g. "Payment" or any other) and the section you want to transfer the coin to ("Spot").

    5. Enter the amount of coin you want to transfer and click on the "Confirm" button.

    After completing these steps, your assets will be successfully transferred to the "Spot" section and you can start investing in J'JO System Indexes.

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