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Start investing in the growing cryptocurrency market without having special knowledge and losing time by means of ready-made index portfolios.

What are index portfolios?

The Index Crypto Portfolio allows you to access the entire market without any additional costs. It is a ready-made tool to start investing in digital assets professionally without any special knowledge. For example, the top 35 index includes the top 35 coins by capitalization in the entire market, purchases those coins that are growth leaders and sells those that are out of the list — all by itself.

Thus, the portfolio is constantly being automatically reviewed and rebalanced, changing the fund's composition based on price development. Indexes do not require any market insights or time to analyze and rebuild the portfolio while having higher returns than 95% of active investors.

Why index?

The truth is that when new investors enter the market, they often lose money trying to predict growth leaders or master technical analysis.

Index funds have long been proven and have consistently outperformed actively managed funds in traditional markets for the past 30 years. The fact is: 95% of traders can't outperform the market index.

Based on years of historical performance, we can state with confidence that the index is the best solution for diversifying risks and generating returns in an emerging market for private and professional investors.

How it works?

Portfolio management occurs right on your exchange account. You just connect J'JO to any exchange within 5 minutes using simple instructions.

After that, you need to choose the proposed index and the amount of your investment, and then J'JO will start to buy and rebalance assets by itself, managing a basket of coins, according to your chosen strategy.

At the same time, J'JO has no access to the withdrawal of your funds, they always remain solely under your control on your stock exchange account.

Exchanges we work with

Can I build my own portfolio?

Advanced functionality, designed for more advanced investors, allows you to easily create your own strategies, including any number of coins in your portfolio, as well as adjusting them by weight and rebalancing type. Also, you can perform back-testing by comparing returns based on historical data with existing portfolios and major crypto assets on the market. It can all be accomplished through a simple interface and without having to log out of your account.

Users from which countries can invest with J'JO?

We aim to become a global solution for private investors. You can use J'JO anywhere in the world. Investments are available in more than 200 countries and are limited only by Internet access.