fbHow to disable automatic subscription for Binance simple earn staking?

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    How to disable automatic subscription for Binance simple earn staking?

    Often, JJO users encounter a problem of automatic transfer of funds from the spot section of the wallet to the Earn section of the Binance exchange after investing in indexes or portfolios because of an enabled auto-subscription. As a result of such an automatic transfer, the JJO algorithm blocks asset management.

    • In this article, we will examine what the automatic subscription for Binance Simple Earn staking is and how to disable it.

    Binance Simple Earn are products with fixed terms and floating rates. They allow you to earn rewards in exchange for locking your assets for specific periods.

    If the auto-subscription feature is enabled, then after purchasing coins using the JJO algorithm in the spot wallet, they automatically move to another section of the wallet.

    To find out whether you have an automatic subscription for any coins or not, after investing using the JJO algorithm, go to the ‘Earn’ section of the Binance exchange wallet using this link.

    If different coins are listed in the section, you can disable the auto-subscription for products with floating rates or fixed terms. Simply switch the 'Auto-Subscribe' slider next to the coin to do this.

    • Check both the ‘Flexible’ and ‘Locked’ tabs.

    Return all assets to the spot wallet once the auto-subscription feature is disabled. To do this, close each product by pressing the ‘Redeem’ button next to the coin’s name. Choose the maximum coin amount by pressing the ‘Max’ button and ‘Redeem on spot wallet’, then confirm the operation.

    Done! Once the coins return to the spot wallet, the JJO algorithm will automatically unlock the blocked index or portfolio within an hour, and you won’t need to withdraw all the assets and reinvest them again.

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