fbWhat crypto should I use to invest in J'JO portfolios?

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    What crypto should I use to invest in J'JO portfolios?

    You have three cryptocurrency options for investing:

    • BTC (Bitcoin)
    • USDT (Tether)
    • ETH (Ethereum)

    Be sure to have the exact worth of one of the coins above as you want your portfolio value to be.


    If you have $5000 worth of USDT, you can create five portfolios each for $1000 value, or one for $5000, or two for $2500 value, or one for $4000 and two for $500, the amount of portfolios is not limited for one exchange account!

    If you don't have enough of the crypto above, simply buy or convert the assets you have to the coin you chose to invest on the exchange website.

    • Once you have the necessary crypto in your account, invest it in your portfolio.

    J'JO will form a portfolio within 30 minutes max.

    After you have invested the selected amount in an index or portfolio on the J'JO platform, you can use the remaining assets in your exchange account at your discretion.

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