fbWhy doesn't J'JO see the funds in my exchange balance?

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    Why doesn't J'JO see the funds in my exchange balance?

    If your API keys are properly set up and your exchange is linked to J'JO, there are two potential causes for the algorithm's failure to detect your exchange balance.

    The first reason is that the funds are not in the “spot account” of the exchange wallet, but somewhere else. For example, in the “deposit” or “main” section.

    Wallet sections are called differently on different exchanges. Since the J’JO algorithm needs to have access to spot trading, which it gets when setting up API keys, the funds should be in the spot section of the exchange’s wallet.

    If you do not see the exchange balance when investing funds in indices or J’JO portfolios, please check the location of the funds and transfer them to the spot section of the wallet.

    The second reason may be that you are getting a “no data, please check later” error and the balance is not loading, in this case please check your internet connection. The display of balances can be unstable if you have a bad internet connection. Perhaps changing network connection or enabling/disabling VPN will help to solve this problem.

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