fbHow to withdraw funds from a J'JO index/portfolio?

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    How to withdraw funds from a J'JO index/portfolio?

    Please note: all funds are located in the spot wallet of your exchange. After withdrawing funds from under the management of the index or portfolio, they will remain in the same place, in the wallet of your exchange, but only in the cryptocurrency that you have chosen for withdrawal (BTC, ETH, or USDT).

    This article describes the process of full withdrawal of funds, if you want to withdraw funds partially, information on how to do it is here.

    To withdraw funds, simply follow this instruction:

    1. Log in to your J’JO personal account and go to the "Portfolios" -> "My Investments" tab.
    2. Choose the index or portfolio from which you want to withdraw funds. Click the "Details" button under the selected index/portfolio.
    3. On the new page, go to the "Manage Index/Portfolio" section.
    4. Click the "Funds Withdrawal" icon. 
    5. Then select the cryptocurrency you want to convert your investments into.
    6. Click on the "Continue" button.

    Done! Your assets will be converted into the selected cryptocurrency within 30 minutes.

    It's important to remember that you must withdraw funds through the J'JO platform, not on the exchange's website. If you act otherwise, you could compromise the integrity of your portfolio or index, leading to its blockage in the J'JO system.

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