fbHow to add funds to the account managed by J'JO?

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    How to add funds to the account managed by J'JO?

    You can always invest more BTC/USDT/ETH into the created and invested portfolio or index.

    So you can test first with the smaller value and then give it more according to the performance results.

    Adding funds is very easy with J'JO. Go to the selected portfolio/index page, and click on the "Invest" button.

    Then choose the desired amount of BTC/USDT/ETH and invest them, they will be rebalanced into the portfolio set assets and allocations within 30 minutes.

    Please note: You can't add funds to the J'JO portfolio with the exchange website but only through J'JO! That way J'JO will manage your funds smoothly, without disturbing the integrity of each of your portfolios.

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