fbWhat funds does J'JO manage on the exchange account?

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    What funds does J'JO manage on the exchange account?

    J’JO manages only the funds that have been invested in its indexes or portfolios. Portfolio management is done by connecting to an exchange using API keys, which allows J’JO’s algorithms to analyze and rebalance cryptocurrencies but does not allow coins withdrawals.

    After investing the chosen amount in the J’JO index, the remaining assets in the exchange account can be used at your discretion without any risk of disrupting the operation of the J’JO index.

    Make notice: trading yourself with the J’JO portfolio assets is not allowed!

    If it’s done, your portfolio will be blocked (meaning the only thing you will be able to do in J’JO is to withdraw everything in BTC/ETH/USDT) and you will need to create a portfolio again!

    Please use managing portfolio settings on the J’JO website only to edit your investment structure.

    • Keep in mind also to withdraw profits with J’JO only and not with the exchange website, that way you definitely won’t disturb the integrity of your portfolio.

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