fbHow to stop using J’JO?

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    How to stop using J’JO?

    If you want J'JO to stop managing your portfolios, convert all your assets invested with them first.

    Go to your personal account -> my investments section -> click on the "More" button under the selected index/portfolio.

    Go to the "Manage Index/Portfolio" section.

    Click on the "Withdraw" icon -> enter the amount you want to withdraw -> select the cryptocurrency BTC/ETH/USDT into which you want to convert your investments.

    Then click on the "Continue" button.

    • Done, your assets will be converted to the selected cryptocurrency within 30 minutes.

    Next, disable all the exchanges connected to J'JO in your personal account in the "Exchange management" section. Your portfolios will be deleted, and all subsequent rebalancing will be canceled.

    Please note: If you have funds in J'JO portfolios or indexes at the time of disconnection, the coins purchased as part of portfolio/index management will remain in your exchange account balance and will not be sold automatically. If you wish to sell or convert them to another cryptocurrency, please do so yourself on the exchange's website.

    • After that, you can delete your account by going to the settings in your personal account and clicking on the "Delete Account" button.

    If you pay for J'JO subscription with a credit card, each future payment will be automatically charged to your card. If you wish to cancel the next automatic payment, please contact us using the chatbot.

    If you paid for your subscription with cryptocurrency, J'JO does not make automatic payments, so you do not need to cancel anything. Just do not make the next payment until you decide to join J'JO again.

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