fbWhy portfolios or indexes can get blocked and how to restore them?

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    Why portfolios or indexes can get blocked and how to restore them?

    A portfolio or index lockout can occur when assets included in the index/portfolio are involved in operations on the exchange account.

    User actions that can cause blockage include:

    • Trading assets.
    • Withdrawing assets.
    • Transferring assets from the spot wallet section to another section.
    • Sending assets to staking.
    • Participating in a launch pool using assets from the portfolio.

    Operations that could have been automatically performed by the exchange based on user-defined settings:

    • Automatic sending of specific assets to staking.
    • Automatic payment of a subscription using a specific asset.

    Using assets from the index/portfolio in the mentioned operations and other operations unrelated to J'JO will result as a violation of portfolio integrity and its subsequent blockage.

    There are two ways to unlock your index or portfolio:

    1. If the available funds in the spot wallet of your exchange account exceed the minimum amount required for investing in this index or portfolio, you can initiate the rebalancing process. To do this, simply press the "Rebalance" button on the page of the locked index or portfolio. The system will automatically restore the original coin ratios in accordance with the initially set parameters, minus the amount of coins that caused the blockage.

    2. If the available funds in your exchange account's spot wallet are less than the minimum investment amount for the index/portfolio, you can withdraw all assets under its management into your chosen cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, or USDT, by clicking the 'Withdraw' button. After withdrawing funds, you will need to reinvest in the index/portfolio for it to operate.

    Please use the portfolio/index management function on the J'JO website to make any changes to your portfolio.

    • Please note that you should only withdraw the profits from your investments on the J'JO platform, not from the exchange website. This ensures the integrity of your portfolio is maintained.
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