fbHow to change your personal data in JJO?

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    How to change your personal data in JJO?

    You can change the first and last names that were provided during registration by yourself.

    1. To change your first and last names in JJO, log into your personal account.
    2. Then go to the settings and select the "General" tab.
    3. Delete the old first and last names, enter the new ones.
    4. Click the "Save" button to apply changes.

    The phone number provided during registration can be changed.

    If you want to change your phone number in JJO, you will need assistance from our technical support. Contact us if you have entered an incorrect number, and we will help you correct it.

    The email address provided during the registration of your J'JO account cannot be changed. Please note that you cannot alter your email address.

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