fbHow do I switch from the 'Ultra' plan to the 'Free' plan?

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    How do I switch from the 'Ultra' plan to the 'Free' plan?

    To switch to the Free plan, you must meet the following conditions:

    1. Connected Exchanges: If you had more than one exchange connected in your personal account, you will need to disconnect them and leave only one. For detailed information on how to disconnect an exchange from your J'JO account, see the article "How to disconnect the exchange from the JJO account?".
    2. Created Indexes and Portfolios: If you have created and configured your own indices or portfolios, they should be disbanded and deleted. Instructions for changing settings or deleting created indices/portfolios in your J'JO account can be found in the article "How to change the settings of a created portfolio/index or delete it?".
    3. Investment amount: The current investment amount should not exceed $500.

    After you have disconnected the extra exchanges and deleted all your created indices and portfolios, you can switch to the "Free" plan. To do this, follow the instructions:

    1. Log in to your J'JO personal account.

    2. Go to "Settings".

    3. Select the "Subscription" section.

    4. Under the banner with the "FREE" tariff plan, click on the "Go to" button.

    5. After clicking the "Go to" button, a pop-up window will appear to check compliance with the conditions, and all items should have green checkmarks.

    6. Confirm the transition.

    7. Done, you can now use the J'JO platform for free and invest in the J'JO35 systemic index with a deposit of up to $500.

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