fbWhat will happen to my J'JO account if I don't renew my subscription?

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    What will happen to my J'JO account if I don't renew my subscription?

    Changes that will occur to your account if you choose not to renew your subscription:

    1. Asset Management: If the total amount you invested exceeded $500, the management of your assets in the system indexes will be suspended. In this case, the only available action in J'JO will be the withdrawal of all assets into one of the three cryptocurrencies — BTC, ETH, or USDT.
    2. Connected Exchanges: If you had more than one exchange connected in your personal dashboard, you will need to disconnect them and leave only one. For detailed information on how to disconnect an exchange from your J'JO account, refer to the article "How to disconnect the exchange from the JJO account?".
    3. Created Indexes and Portfolios: If you've created and configured your own indexes or portfolios, they should be disbanded and deleted. Instructions on how to modify settings or delete created indexes/portfolios in your J'JO account can be found in the article "How to change the settings of a created portfolio/index or delete it?".
    4. Referral Program: Access to the referral program will be blocked until the subscription is activated.
    5. Referral Bonuses: Accruals generated from your friends purchasing J'JO subscriptions will cease to accumulate until the subscription is activated.
    6. Free Access: You will have the opportunity to invest in the J'JO35 systemic index with a deposit of up to $500.
    7. Subscription Plan: The status of the subscription plan will need to be changed from "Ultra" to "Free". Instructions on how to change the tariff plan can be found in the article "How to switch from the "Ultra" plan to the "Free" plan?"
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