fbHow does the referral profitability calculator work?

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    How does the referral profitability calculator work?

    J'JO offers a 5-level referral program, which allocates 30% of the value of any subscription, distributed evenly at 6% per level.

    The multi-level referral program allows you to receive rewards for your friends and those invited by your friends.

    This provides the opportunity to create an extensive personal base even if you do not have access to a large audience. It is enough to recommend the service to your friends and acquaintances on social networks.

    Example: by personally inviting only 5 people, you can get 100 or even more than 1000 users in total on 5 levels, since there can be any number of people on each level.

    The calculator shows the potential possible income depending on the friends you personally invite and how many people your personal friends invite to J'JO.

    The final number shows your referral reward, taking into account that you are using a 5-level referral program with a 6% partner reward at each level.


    • Level 1 — 5 users
    • Level 2 — 25 users
    • Level 3 — 125 users
    • Level 4 — 625 users
    • Level 5 — 3125 users

    In this example, an average value is taken assuming that the total number of invited friends over 5 levels will be 3905 people.

    In the calculations performed by the calculator, it considers 6% of the cost of the six-month "Ultra-6" subscription, which is $79.99. This amount is then divided by 6 months to determine the estimated monthly income.

    With this number of users, your monthly income will be $3123.

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