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    What is the JJO service

    It's a ready-made solution for investing in the cryptocurrency market, built on the analysis of the best global approaches to capital management. A simple, safe, and knowledge-free tool for anyone who takes a smart approach to their financial planning and seeks to multiply their capital in the cryptocurrency market.

    The JJO service offers several ready-made cryptocurrency sets that the market itself has compiled for you. In the world of finance, such a collection is called a “market index”.  It consists of the most successful companies in the market segment that the index reflects.  This is similar to how the top most popular songs look in music charts. The JJO service offers a set of such indices and allows you to build such a portfolio with one click, directly on your exchange account. This means that full control over your funds always remains only in your hands. You simply need to have the amount you are willing to invest in the market on your account at one of our partner exchanges. Connect the service to your exchange account by following the simple instructions in your personal account and choose an index to invest in. On your command, the service will buy a set of coins that are in this index for the amount you specified. Then it will automatically regularly monitor the market and update your portfolio, replacing weak assets with growing ones directly in your exchange account.

    Connecting J’JO to your exchange account does not give it technical access to withdraw funds from it. This means that full control over your funds remains solely in your hands. Focus on what you love, and JJO will take care of making sure your savings grow with the market.

    What is an index?

    An index is a simple and effective way to participate in market activity. Unlike trading, searching for promising coins, or other active management approaches that require your constant monitoring and complex decision-making, investing in an index allows you to "ride on autopilot". By investing in an index, you automatically invest in all the companies that are part of it. This way, you spread your risk and get the opportunity to participate in the overall market growth. Investing in an index is a long-term strategy focused on stable growth and minimizing risks for your savings. This approach can be the perfect solution for those who want to make their investments as effective as possible. It doesn't require any special knowledge about the technical nuances of cryptocurrency and eliminates the need to conduct complex market analysis.

    Benefits of investing in a cryptocurrency index with JJO

    • Minimal risk for your investments. The decline of one currency in the index is compensated by the overall market development, minimizing risks and ensuring stable growth of your savings.
    • Investments only in the most reliable assets. Unreliable digital currencies are not included in the index: they simply do not pass the initial assessment filter.
    • Managing your portfolio on autopilot.  If cryptocurrencies change their positions in the rating, the service itself removes weak coins from your portfolio and adds growing ones.
    • Ease of use. The index is easy to manage and allows you to easily monitor the current status of your savings without having to learn new knowledge and waste time analyzing the market.
    • Minimum entry threshold. Index investing in cryptocurrencies is available even with a small starting capital.
    • Full control over your savings is in your hands. Index-linked assets are always stored in your exchange account. JJO has no technical ability to withdraw your funds.

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