fbJ'JO Referral Program – Passive Income through 5-Level Referral System

How to generate passive income with J'JO's referral program

J'JO offers a 5-level referral program, with 6% allocated to each of the 5 levels from the paid subscription.

Earn with every subscription of your friends and their friends up to level five.

The reward system is 6% of each friend's subscription fee at five levels each month. You can just recommend J'JO to your friends and build a long-term, growing source of passive income.

Step 1

Join J'JO and get your referral link.

Step 2

Share the link via your favorite messenger, email, social media, or any other communication channel.

Step 3

Get passive income.


How it works?
You can use calculator to estimate the possible income from J'JOSelect the number of friends you are going to invite
Invited by your friends
Your monthly income will be